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Transitions Coaching

Do you want to change, or create even more purpose and passion in, some aspect of your career, wellbeing or life itself? We assist with the ebb and flow of life and can help you achieve your goals. Whether it is before, during or after a transition (e.g. mum’s returning to work, altered health, rehabilitation or a health scare, new parents, life after loss or grief, a new job or promotion, migration, retrenchment) we will assist you to overcome your fears and doubts and re-establish your purpose and direction.

Each session is unique & filled with fun, learning, tools & strategies that: address any underlying issues, fears or strong emotions, increase emotional resilience, create healthier thinking, boost confidence, address any relationship issues & support health & wellbeing and enable you to ride the wave of life!

The focus in a session is always YOUR RESULTS & helping YOU SHINE! We will assist you to gain confidence, clarity, courage, calmness and commitment before, during and after a transition.

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