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Our coaching sessions, packages or programs are unique, filled with fun, learning, tools & strategies that: increase emotional resilience, create healthier thinking and boost confidence.

How do our 1:1 sessions work? 

The sessions are conducted face-to-face or over the telephone about a week or two apart. The timings of the sessions are agreed between you and your coach, you phone or meet your coach as agreed and each session lasts for about one hour. (International and interstate clients can participate by phone or skype). These sessions focus on your goals and assist you to move forward with greater clarity, calmness, confidence and purpose.

What do our Programs / Packages include?

Career and Transitions Program: is a 5 session program (with face-to-face, phone or skype sessions) which includes self-awareness (including Myers Briggs personality assessment, uncovering your passions and purpose), career planning, career choice, a remarkable resume, successful interviewing skills, job search skills, LinkedIn and networking skills. Workbooks, tip sheets all included and this program includes homework and e-mail support between sessions. 

Programs can be run with individuals, small groups / seminars, webinars or for an organisation or team. Please email to discuss your needs or receive a list of our topics for seminars or group work. This includes areas such as: Enhancing Confidence, Creating Healthy Thinking, Extreme Self-Care, Boosting Recovery and Healing, Building Emotional Resilience, Thriving in Life and/or during Career or Life Transitions.

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